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roos ouderdorp

Certified Real Estate Agent
Certified Commercial Real Estate Agent


Certified Real Estate Agent / Appraiser
Certified Commercial Real Estate Agent / Appraiser

Former co-owner Onesta Vastgoed 2009-2014

From 2009 until the end of 2014  I have been the co-owner of Onesta Vastgoed.
After having sold my share in Onesta Vastgoed in September 2014, I have chosen a different approach and started the full-service real estate agency Avenir Vastgoed.

House hunters usually have a busy job and therefor a lack of time. That is why I try to take most of the work and cares out of their hands. The challenge for me is to find a perfect match between a home seeker and a property. This requires for me to go the extra mile for our clients.
As far as I am concerned, the same applies for selling properties: through good communication and clear agreements with the seller I try to sell the property as soon as possible for the highest possible price. To achieve this I not only use my extensive network in the residential market of The Hague, but I also promote the property through all other possible channels in order to get it the attention it deserves.

roos ouderdorp avenir vastgoed

danielle wennekes

Real Estate Agent



In 2013, during the crisis, I got a chance to get a taste of the real estate business. I enjoyed this so much that to this date I am working in the sector.

What gives me satisfaction is to help people find a suitable and nice home in the tense housing market. A home is a necessity of life and is fueled by emotion and feeling. My job as real estate agent is to mediate as pleasantly as possible and to take all factors into account when interacting with our clients.

Through my large network I am able to quickly and successfully mediate for possible leasing or purchasing for a client. Over the years I have established good relationships with agencies and other companies.

In addition to my responsibilities as real estate agent, I am active as a stylist. I am happy to be of service to you In the field of design, renovation, or possibly freshening up a home for the sale. The best thing about this trade is that I am able deliver a home "turn key".


danielle wennekes avenir vastgoed

Joost Bakker

Real Estate Agent



Born and raised in The Hague, with an education in which integrity and 'when you do something, do it well' were put first and front. The contemporary way of doing business and delivering quality without fuss or idle talk, that's how Avenir Vastgoed differentiates itself in my opinion.  
The search for the perfect home for a home seeker or determining the right sales strategy gives me a boost of energy and the enthusiasm for our profession at the office is almost tangible. Creativity, a goal-oriented work ethos and having a healthy dose of positive energy are needed for this and make the work so enjoyable.  

Translating the wishes and expectations of our customers into actual results, that is what I strive to achieve! Whether this is finding the right property or selling a property to be able to take a step into the future for a client. With my passion I aim to turn every purchase or sale into a successful transaction.


Iris Rozendaal

Hugo Ouderdorp

Office manager



After having obtained experience in various fields, I started at Avenir Vastgoed in March 2016. Since then I take care of the financial administration and I make sure that nothing is missing in the office. By facilitating them as well as possible, our agents can optimally perform their daily duties.

I am absent on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, because on those afternoons I help high school students plan and do their homework.


Amber Reedijk

Office manager



From 2007 to 2018 I worked at a real estate company as a personal assistant and management assistant while I obtained my Schoevers diploma. After having worked with great pleasure for 10 years, the position of front office manager at Avenir Vastgoed came my way. Among other things, talking to home seekers and supporting my colleagues and thus contributing to both satisfied home seekers and selling parties, is what makes every day fun and challenging!

You can find me at the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Amber Reedijk Avenir VAstgoed

Dewy Luijk-Bergenhenegouwen

Office manager


Dewy Luijk-Bergenhenegouwen avenir vastgoed

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