Buying Property

You are looking for your dream home. With our personal approach we like to help you find the property that best fits your needs and desires.

buying property

The decision to buy a new house is not taken lightly: you are looking for a home that best matches your needs and desires. At Avenir Vastgoed we believe that every situation differs and that every person is different. That is why we believe in a personal approach when helping you find your dream home.


In a personal meeting we will discuss what your needs and desires are for a new home and together we will establish which of these aspects are the most important to you. Only when we know what your needs, desires and expectations really are, we can provide the service you require.

Already found your dream home?

Would you like to use our services after already having found your dream home yourselves? Or do you want us to be your real estate agent when selling your current property? This can be arranged; we will help you at a customized rate.


Meet the team of Avenir Vastgoed which will enthusiastically and energetically work for you.

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